The Dilemma

The Orphans’ Plight

Throughout the world orphans suffer the worst poverty and neglect that can be experienced. They are under fed, subject to filthy living conditions and susceptible to illness and disease.

Moreover, orphans are defenseless and extremely vulnerable. They become victims of violence and abuse – including various forms of trafficking! They need our help!

The Facts

In 2004, there were an estimated 143 million orphans throughout the world.* That number continues to increase!

The Dilemma

Orphans have tremendous needs, but they can not help themselves. They have no resources! And orphanages are doing everything they can for the children in their care; but the number of those in need continues to grow.

Frankly, it’s just not enough to visit orphanages and “drop-off” food and clothing! Orphans and orphanages need sustainable, long-lasting solutions – and more resources!

Be a part of providing the love and care that orphans so desperately need. Partner with We Love Orphans today!

Read The Solution or How To Help

*Statistics from UNICEF

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