The Solution

The Need

Orphans have tremendous needs. And orphanages are doing everything they can for the children in their care. They need effective, sustainable solutions, not just short-term relief!

The Solution

We Love Orphans is committed to seeing orphans throughout the world receive the love, care and spiritual foundation that they so desperately need by providing sustainable, long-lasting solutions.

Our solution is focused:

1. Establish training facilities that supply cutting-edge technologies and research in aquaponics, aquaculture and animal husbandry.
2. Prepare workers to implement these technologies at orphanages throughout the world.

Empowering them with the ability to create a sustainable agriculture will provide them with food for generations to come. Today, this is possible through the advancement of self-contained agricultural systems.

Working To Make A Difference

We Love Orphans is training the personnel necessary to implement and establish these technologies. The scope of our vision, however, does not end with just one nation. We are working with orphans in Asia and the Middle East, and are partnered with orphanages throughout the world. There has never been a more crucial time to bring aid to orphanages throughout world. Now is the time! Partner with us today.

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